Compound Bow

Archery is quite an intriguing sport as well as a great Leisure activity, it’s been around for many centuries but it’s developed a great deal in the modern era due to technological advancements and other factors.

Quite a number of people have miniscule knowledge of bows and arrows as the general perception is that all the archery devices are the same – Most people think archery is all about pointing and shooting, but whilst that’s the case to a certain extent, there’s a lot more to it than that.

With the major technological advancement that has taken place in the world of archery, there are now a variety of bows out there and whilst they all serve the same purpose (guiding your arrow), they now work in different ways and produce relatively distinct results. Bows such as the Compound Bow, recurve bow or even the long bow are quite useful and durable but the compound bow is arguably the pick of the trio and here’s why;

At Combat Australia, we take pride in educating you on anything and everything related to bows and let’s begin easy by looking at what a compound bow actually is. A compound bow is a modern bow that makes use of a levering system of pulleys to bend the limbs. The cables gives any individual that makes use of the bow some sort of advantage and because of that, the limbs of a compound bow are far more stringent that the usual longbow or recurve bow.

With the way the compound bow is set up, it doesn’t take much of an effort to make use of it and this is largely due to its cables. And with all that in place, the compound bow is extremely accurate and it doesn’t react much to adverse temperatures making it quite efficient and exquisite to say the very least.

The pulley system provides an added benefit, which is widely regarded as “let-off”. The pulleys work as thus; when the string of the bow is pulled or drawn back in an attempt to shoot an arrow, the pulleys then rotate and their radius undergoes some changes as they rotate.

The compound bow is quite popular in the US and Australia as well as a host of other countries that have a major interest in archery. The bow is very quick, precise and efficient in its use making it the perfect device to carry out archery activities.

The standard draw rate usually falls between 10 and 100 pounds enabling the arrow to fly at speeds of 150 to 370 feet per second (46 to 113 m/s).

Here’s a quick review of some of the compound bows we have in store here at Combat Australia;


The BEAR- MARSHAL RTH KIT comes fully loaded with a Bear Marshall Bow, Trophy Ridge Stabilizer, and a Plastic Arm guard along with three Carbon arrows.

It can clock speeds of up to 320 feet per second with a draw length range of between 25-30”. It also boasts of an 80% let-off.


The CAMO PRO SERIES is an ultra lightweight device, which includes a PRO LED light, a PRO metal stabilizer and a host of other great features. It has an adjustable draw length of 27-30”.

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